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Shipping Terms

Minimum order $15
*Standard shipping $9 – Free on most orders $50 or more

Orders under $50 get charged $9 up to $50 for standard shipping and are prorated from $41 up to $49.99

Examples: $15 order + $9 added = $24
$25 order + $9 added = $34
$45 order + $5 added = $50
$50 order – Free Standard Shipping
Requested UPS Ground Orders under $50 – $18
Orders over $50 – $9
Prorated $41 to $50
Examples: $15 order + $18 added = $33
$20 order + $18 added = $38
$45 order + $14 = $59
$50 order and over – $9 added

*Standard shipping is either UPS Ground or USPS (First class or Priority). Diversified Lab will choose the most economical carrier for your order. Free shipping does apply to oversize shipping charges.

Drop Ship Standard $9
Drop Ship UPS $18
UPS 2-Day Actual Cost
UPS Next Day Actual Cost
Oversized Mounted prints 16×20 up to 20×24 – Additional $12 charge
Mounted prints 20×24 up to 24×36 – Additional $29 charge
Mounted prints 24×36 and up – Additional $60 charge
Albums and Photobooks UPS Ground – $18
Metal, Gallery Wraps, Thin Wraps UPS Ground – 15% of order total/$20 minimum

Payment Terms & Conditions

COD Account

This account applies to all new customers. All COD account orders will be charged to the credit card on file when the order is invoiced. This applies to both pick up and shipped orders.

You may update your account information and shipping address any time by logging into the Customer Control Panel. To update your credit card information, please call us.

In-Lab Time

  • Standard Photographic Printing: 1-2 Business Days*
  • Package Prints and Units: 1-2 Business Days
  • Specialty Items: 2-3 Business Days
  • Small Order Shipping: 1-2 Business Days
  • Photo Holiday Cards: 1-2 Business Days
  • Proofs: 1-2 Business Days
  • Proof Books & Hard Cover Proof Books: 1-2 Business Days
  • Gemstone Albums & Photo Books: 6-10 Business Days
  • Press Printed Books: 3-5 Business Days
  • Album Pages: 3-5 Business Days
  • Press Printed Products: 2-3 Business Days
  • Trader Cards: 2-3 Business Days
  • Metal Prints: 1-3 Business Days
  • Thin Wraps: 2-4 Business Days
*Orders for prints without additional services and received before 2pm Central Time will be ready for shipping or pick up by 4pm the following business day. Orders received after 2pm move to the following business day’s productions schedule

Minimum Order Charge

We require a $15.00 minimum order on all individual orders. Any order that is received outside of the ROES software will be subject to additional processing charges including shipping and longer turnaround times.

Two separate orders cannot be combined to prevent a minimum order charge.

Rush Orders

$5.00 Priority Service

For orders that you would like to be completed and shipped same day, we offer our priority service. Although this is not a 100% Guaranteed Rush, we will do everything possible to prioritize your order in our daily production. To qualify for Priority Service, your order must be received by 1:00pm Central Time and be printed on Lustre paper. No color correction, mounting, coating, texturizing or any other special service may be ordered. This additional service costs $5.00 per order and cannot be combined with any other order and does not apply to promotions or specials. Please remember, there is no guarantee with this service. If we do not finish your order by the end of the day, your priority fee will be refunded and the order will be pushed back into the next day’s production schedule. Priority Service needs to be selected before the order arrives, we do not allow upgrades to an order already in progress. This service is also available on drop shipped orders.

100% Guaranteed Rush

For orders that you need now, we offer a Guaranteed Rush service. This service is billed at 50% additional of the total price of the order, with a $10 fee minimum. Guaranteed Rush orders must be received by 2:00pm Central Time with “Guaranteed Rush Service” selected when submitted. These orders will receive top priority in our production schedule. They move to the top of the line, above Priority Service orders, and we do everything possible to get your order out that same day. These orders cannot be combined with any other order. Guaranteed Rush is not available for promotions, specials or Gemstone Albums. Shipping fees are additional.

Please ensure the order is correct before submission. All rush orders are final and cannot be changed or canceled once received with Priority or Guaranteed Rush applied.

All other rush order requests will be quoted on an as needed basis.

Order Cancellation

With our automated system, orders are processed upon receipt. Please review your order thoroughly in the cart of the ordering software before you begin the upload process. If you realize an error has occurred during the upload process, please stop the upload and correct your order. If an error occurs after your upload has completed, please call the lab immediately so that we can attempt to cancel the order before any print cost has accrued. If you would like to cancel an order after business hours, please respond to the order confirmation email with your request.


If you find that an order was processed incorrectly, contact us immediately so we may begin the remake procedure. Please have the original order number (e.g. DL-123456) ready when you call. DO NOT SUBMIT A NEW ORDER. We will only reprint from the file(s) submitted with the original order, using the same specifications (including shipping method). If you wish to modify the order, you must submit it as a new job and pay full price.

Shipping Damage

Upon receiving the finished order, you have ten days to make a claim. After ten days, the order will not be redone and must be resubmitted as a new job. Upon receipt of an order, please thoroughly inspect the package. If there appears to be any critical damage, immediately examine the contents and contact us to begin the replacement process. Do not throw the print(s) or packaging away. In some circumstances, we may ask that the damaged package be returned.

Although it is uncommon, in certain situations we may ask you to return the product for further examination. The damaged order will be put back into production and given top priority in the production schedule. The replacement order will be shipped to you, using the order’s original shipping method.

Do not submit a new order. As with all remakes, we will only print from the file(s) submitted with the original specifications.

You have 3 days after receipt of the package to make a claim of shipping damage. After 3 days we will not accept any claim for any reason.

Hours Of Operation

Normal operating hours are 9:00AM to 5:00PM CST, Monday through Friday.

Call 314.781.0480 anytime during normal business hours for additional assistance.

If you need assistance after hours, please log into our Customer Control Panel to check your account. There you’ll find all the important information regarding order history, thumbnail images with print sizes and quantities, package tracking for UPS and USPS, current order and account status.

Limit Of Liability

Submitting any digital media to our company for printing constitutes an agreement by you that any damage or other fault of our company, subsidiary or agents will only entitle you to replacement with a like amount of blank digital media. Except for such replacement.