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ROES Events Software

ROES Events Software

ROES Events: Your Dedicated Solution for Volume Shooters in School, Sports, and Event Photography.

Key Features:

The Events Module:

  • Persistent Data: Events exist independently of any specific order, allowing photographers to customize associated data according to their preferences. This flexibility empowers photographers to organize event data according to their unique needs.
  • Automatic Image Assignment: QR codes on Subject Cards facilitate automatic sorting and data assignment for images within an Event. Additionally, Subject Cards feature human-readable data, enabling manual assignments if needed.
  • Batch Cropping: Images can be grouped based on assigned data, streamlining the formatting process for entire packages. This efficient approach saves time and simplifies the photographer’s workflow.

With ROES Events software, you can enhance your ordering process and significantly reduce time spent on administrative tasks. Experience a seamless and efficient workflow tailored to the specific demands of volume shooters in school, sports, and event photography.

Please contact Nick Tinkham, our Volume Printing Specialist,  for more information about the ROES Events software, setup or any other questions you may have.

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