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BIG NEWS! NEW LOWER PRINT PRICING ON LUSTRE PRINTS! 8x10...$1.79, 11x14...$2.99, 16x20...$9.99

Finishing Services

We offer a myriad of finishing services – 2 mm Styrene, Single Weight Art Board for up to 8X10 mounting, 3/16 White Foam Core, 3/16″ Black Gatorfoam, 1/2″ Black Gatorfoam, 1/8″ Masonite, 3/4″ Standout Mount and 1 1/2″ Standout Mount – to match the unique qualities of your photo. Check out all of our options below.



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2mm and made out of durable plastic, styrene is an excellent alternative to traditional cardboard mounts. Fiber-based mounting substrates tend to absorb water over time, which leads to bowing or warping. Styrene has no natural fibers, and therefore is not affected by changes in humidity. This means no more warping! As an added bonus, it’s more resistant to edge and corner damage than cardboard mounts, too. Only available in white.


Single weight artboard is a cost effective option for mounting small photographic prints. This is a great choice if you are intending to frame the print. The board is approximately 1/32” thick. This is only available in sizes up to 8×10.

White Foam Core

This board is about 3/16″ of an inch thick and has a soft white foam core. We recommend this option when framing artwork. When unframed, this board can be susceptible to warping.

Black Gatorfoam

Gatorfoam is sealed with a plastic coating on the back and is warp free. This is a heavy duty yet versatile foam board that’s great for everything. It’s the ideal choice for display presentation of larger prints and graphics. Gatorfoam board excels when light weight, strength, rigidity and warp resistance are a must! Only available in black and in sizes of 3/16″ and 1/2″. Hooks are also available.


These boards are ultra-smooth tempered hard boards that are coated with a permanent, pressure-sensitive adhesive. They’re recommended for high quality images and fine art photos since this board will not warp. This board needs to be cut with a fine tooth saw therefore it’s only available in standard sizes.

Standout Mount

Standouts are 3/4″ and 1-1/2″ thick gatorfoam boards banded with an attractive hard edge. They provide an striking improvement over traditional “box” mounts. Stand-Outs have hanging holes on the back and are 1/4″ undersize and are only available in black. These mounts come with a finished edge from the factory and they’re only available in standard sizes.


  • Standard turn-around time is 6-10 days
  • Minimum of 7 spreads or 14 sides and a maximum of 30 spreads or 60 sides per book
  • Gemstone albums can start with a single page or a spread
  • The prices below include printing on Luster paper and assembly
  • Window in cover: $20, window sizes available are 3×3 on 10×10 covers, 3.5×3.5 on 12×12 covers and 4×4 on 11×14 covers
  • Imprinting: $6.50 per line, available in Gold, Silver and Embossed
  • 15% additional charge per album when pages are not printed at Diversified Lab
  • UV coating available, see pricing
  • Qualifies for free UPS ground service when ordered through Digital Link/ROES
  • Studio Sample Albums are available at 50% off with a maximum of 4 sample albums. We will emboss the words ‘Studio Sample’ on the inside cover, intending that this album would not be used for resale. Any sample albums requested over the 4 album maximum will be billed at 25% off.
  • We do not provide guide templates for Gemstone and photo book pages. All pages need to be designed at the size being ordered allowing a 1/4 inch “safe” area on the top, bottom, and outside edge of the page. Trimming of the pages is kept to a minimum with no more than 1/8″ usually being removed.