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I’ve been involved in doing somewhat serious photography for only the past seven years.  From what I have learned, it’s a short time for many photographers.  While I have taken photos for many years, I’ve only taken it seriously these past few years.  After retiring from 30 years in Operations at the St. Louis Art Museum, I started to travel and enjoy some of the beautiful parts of this wonderful country.  When I returned after a couple of trips and looked at the photos I’d taken I was quite displeased with the quality of what I’d brought back.  So, I decided that I needed to up my game in both photo skills and equipment.  Having no formal education or long term experience in photography, I decided to dive into the deep end and start swimming.  Along the way I’ve benefitted from a few classes, investing in some good equipment, listening to the locals, and taking quite a few photos.

When it came to printing, I’d used the typical low cost printing labs until my wife and I were in the small town of Jerome Arizona and I saw a photographer’s work on metal.  This was about 4 years ago.  I told my wife that we are going to find some way to get my work done on metal.  I didn’t know where to go, so I tried a half dozen labs in various locations around the country, including a lab in Seattle while there visiting on a trip.

Then I learned of Diversified Lab and had the folks there do a couple of metal prints.  I was amazed with the entire process of metal printing from start to finish, including Diversified helping to transfer my image into their system for printing. That might sound like something easy for most “youngsters”, but this old guy is different.  I’ve learned the hard way that computers don’t like me.  Rose, Paul, Tim and the folks there at Diversified Lab has been so patient with me and helped as I worked my way up the learning curve.  In addition to the printing, the overall service is excellent. The quality, intensity and durability of the metal prints are amazing. My work is now represented in three galleries scattered across the US, including Augusta, MO., Jackson Hole WY, and Destin FL.  Between those three galleries Diversified Lab has shipped my work (at quite reasonable prices) to more than a dozen states in the past couple of years.  That is a real benefit for my business as it has expanded beyond the local area.

No task seems to be too large or complex for Diversified Lab to undertake for my printing needs.  Now “large” to me is not in quantity, but in size.  Before Diversified Lab moved to their new digs, I was constantly pushing them to make larger metal prints.  Paul, the owner listened.  He called one day and asked to use one of my images to experiment with a new item, called “Multi Panel Overlap”.  He took my Mesa Arch image and split the single image into three pieces and printed it on metal with the center panel extending out in front of the two sides.  That experiment proceeded to become a totally new opportunity to show the large landscapes that I really love to capture.  The total size of these monsters is 40″ tall x 67″ wide.

A significant benefit to this is that depending on the composition of the image the center panel can be in front of or behind the side panels.  This makes for an incredible scene.  We’ve done well over a dozen of these with various images.  Now that they have moved to their new place and purchased new equipment we’re looking forward to finding just the right images to go even larger.

Dan Esarey

Diversified seems to have a great interest in trying new things and working with clients and their ideas to come up innovative ways to execute projects.  For example, I had an image of Aspen trees that I wanted to do in seven panels of canvas gallery wraps.  Tim, the production manager, worked tirelessly to get the splits in just the right places and do the math to get it perfect.  The final result hangs prominently in our home.  This was a tall order with all the images I’ve collected over these past several years.  Were it not for my wonderful wife, Pat, to keep my feet to the ground, I’d have all the walls of our home covered with prints.

Dan Esarey

I just returned from a 19 day intense photo trip to the southwest part of Colorado where I was able to collect several good images of Aspens, night skies, snow covered mountains, etc.  I’d told myself before leaving I’d be pleased to return with three good images.  Bringing back nine of them sure made me a happy camper.  I’ve already had two of them printed in large format on metal.  When I opened them at the lab I was once again quite impressed with the end result.

It’s certainly rewarding to see the quality of the work the Diversified Lab team produces after putting the time and effort into capturing these images.  I’d like to thank the entire team….Rose, Paul, Tim, Connie and the others that has made your place “My Place” to have all my printing needs produced.

Thank you all!!

To view more of Dan’s work, see his website. 

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