When the ROES software loads, fill in the My Account fields.

ROES Customer Info

  • Email: Insert your preferred email address here. If there are problems with an order and you cannot be contacted by phone, this is the other means of reaching you. Order status notifications will also be sent to this address.
  • Studio Name: Insert your studio or business name here. If you do not have a studio or business name, then please put the full name that the account is under.
  • Contact Name: Type your name here. This is important in case there are multiple people who order from the same account number. If there is a question about an order, it lets us know exactly who to contact.
  • Phone Number: Please enter a preferred contact phone number here. It may be a work number or personal number.
  • Account #: This field is for the customer number assigned to the account when it was created.
  • Password: This is the password chosen when the account was created. The account number and password must match before an order can be submitted.

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