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It happens every time. People step into our art fair booth, their eyes get wide and they say, “Wow, your prints are beautiful and so vibrant!” I’d like to think their reaction is due solely to my nature photography, but after exhibiting at a number of art fairs over the years, I’m certain there is another reason they say what they say – and it’s due to the metal prints we receive from Diversified Lab.

When my wife and I started exhibiting my photography at art fairs a decade ago, we began traditionally with fine art prints, mats, frames and glass. The images presented well and looked very good. However, on a whim, we ordered a metal print of a bald eagle in flight for an upcoming art festival. The print looked great when it arrived yet we were skeptical about whether anyone would like this “untraditional presentation.” The festival date arrived, we opened our booth, and sure enough, the metal print sold right away. One order led to another, and we have been using Diversified Lab for our metal prints ever since.

With customers in our booth, I have the presentation down. I say, “Metal prints are vibrant, rich, easy to clean, easy to hang, lightweight and color fast.” I find the prints really sell themselves once I take one off our wall and get them into the hands of the customer. Good lighting in our booth certainly helps as well and makes the prints scream out when people walk by.

Brady's Art Fair Booth
Brady’s Art Fair Booth


My style as a nature photographer is based on reality. I honor and respect our Planet Earth and everything in it. To do so, I present Nature as we see it free of gimmicks like extensive manipulation on the computer and black and white processing. Once I’ve created a photograph I’m proud of, metal prints allow me to depict the light, grace and vibrant colors that Nature gives us in an artful way.

Other photographers ask where my prints come from and I’ve written Diversified Labs’ name on the back of my business card on countless occasions – so many times that I’m thinking of asking Paul for a salesman job! But, I’m happy to do so because Diversified Lab has become a business partner. Their products and customer service allow me to express my own personal style of Nature Photography and in turn, offer people a tangible print they can enjoy in their personal space for many years to come.

Brady Kesner
Brady Kesner

Brady Kesner is a fine art Nature Photographer based in Highland, Illinois. He is passionate about photographing all things Nature with the hope of re-connecting people with the soothing beauty of the natural world. His photographs are for sale at a number of art fairs and through this website. They are also on display in a number of hospitals, medical facilities, and too many homes to count. While shooting in the field, he is known for sporting an over sized, out-of-style fanny pack purchased in 1989. To view more of Brady’s work, see his website.


Introducing Our New Presentation Box!

Presentation Box
Smoke Presentation Box With V-Groove Mats
Standard Presentation Box Colors, Smoke, Oatmeal and Black Faux Leather
Oatmeal Presentation Box
Black Faux Leather Presentation Box With V-Groove Mats

Our NEW handcrafted Presentation Box is a great way to showcase matted wedding, portrait and fine art images. This clamshell type box has been a favorite of artists looking to present their work in a simple, timeless and elegant manner.

The Presentation Box comes in 3 different sizes 8×8 with a 4×5 mat opening, 8×10 with a 5×7 mat opening and 11×14 with a 8×10 or 7×10 mat opening. All three sizes may be ordered in two different box depths, the 1 3/4” will hold up to 12 matted prints and the 2 3/4” box will hold up to 20 matted prints. All mats are available with or without the V-groove The standard boxes are available in smoke linen cloth, oatmeal linen cloth and black faux leather. All presentation boxes are crafted with a double faced satin ribbon that helps to easily lift the mats out of the box. Custom colors may be ordered in any of our linen cloth options or Platinum, Sage Green, Navy and Scarlet in our Japanese book cloth options. Swatch fabrics may be ordered through the ROES software. Click here to view options and pricing.

New Custom Debossing for Albums!

Debossing on Wedding Album

Wedding Album with DebossingWe are excited to introduce our new custom Debossing option for albums! Create any font or style of artwork on your computer, submit it and we will have a custom die made to stamp your album. This is a fantastic way to customize albums and really get creative. The album shown here is an 8×10 Gemstone Album with the Distressed Palomino Leather and Blind Debossing. Most custom dies are $50, including the one shown here in the photos.

You asked, We Listened! Boutique Packaging, Now Available!


Boutique Packaging
Boutique Packaging, Gray Box with Antique White Ribbon
Boutique Packiging
Boutique Packaging, Black Box with Black and White Striped Designer Ribbon

You asked for Boutique Packaging and we are excited to announce that we now have two new very cool options! A matte gray box with antique white double faced satin ribbon and a slightly textured black box with a black and white striped designer ribbon. Boutique packaging is available in sizes 4×6, 5×7, 8×10 and 11×14. This is a fantastic option if you are drop shipping your order to your client and you want to spice up your studio presentation. This option is also available for counter pick up. Things always seem nicer when they are beautifully wrapped! When ordering prints through the ROES software, in the view cart area, select the boutique packaging of your choice. If you would like more information on boutique packaging and pricing, please click on the link below. As always, we love hearing from you as we work to keep our product offerings fresh and current!